Dump Trailer Repair and More New Shed Work

Sunday March 26, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Stuck dump trailer

Yesterday, the dump trailer got stuck at the top when I added more oil to the lift system, and wouldn’t come down.jack


Jack it or is it down

This morning I got the jack out and put it under the trailer to try to get it to come down and it did. I think there was some rust in the hydraulic cylinder that caused the problem.jack2


It works good now, so all is well with that.trailer3


New shed project

I got all the tools out and got back to work on that. The wood is to screw the steel roofing to as I’m going to use the roofing for the sides too. I’m making little metal tabs with holes in them to mount the wood to the steel parts. I weld these metal tabs to the metal frame.project4


It’s a slow process making the metal tabs and welding them in place and screwing the wood to them. I only got this far working on it all day.project5


Metal tabs in place

These are some of the metal tabs I made to mount the top roof boards to. I’m ready to mount the roof boards now, but not today as the day ran out on me.braces6


Nice day.

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