Marty Visits, Plugging Rodent Holes and Moving Mulch

Wednesday October 23, 2019 Guerneville CA.

A visitor

I heard a rig pull in out front as I was getting it going this morning. It was my friend Marty. He came by for a visit so we could shot the bull some. We discussed our plans for Quartzsite this winter and things like the over heating problem I’ve been having with my van. He also needed a big piece of metal to do something with he was working on so we found something he could use in the metal pile.


We went for a short walk over to my brother’s strawberry patch and ate a few fresh strawberries.

When we got back most of the day was gone. He headed out for home and I started doing my chicken chores.

Darn rodents

Then I went up on the roof to see the new spot I found where the rodents are getting into my attic. It turned out to be a hard hole to plug. I did the best I could with what I had but think I’ll have to redo it and do a better job. I need to get to the hardware store to get some more metal screen in aluminum so it’s easy to bend around hard to plug holes.

Moving the mulch

In the evening I got the wheelbarrow out and loaded it up with the redwood leaves I blew off the roof the other day and transported them to put on top of my seed potatoes I planted the other day.mulch


I worked on that until it was almost dark when I sat down and did some chair hopping until it got dark then went on in for the day.

That’s it for another day shot to hell in my life. :O)

By the way , the saying above that I closed with yesterday, some people might be wondering about. It’s just an old saying that just popped into my mind as I was closing. I thought of removing it but hey, it’s what I thought of at the time so I left it. It really just means sorta what it says and it’s not derogatory really. Just a passing of time thing, day by day which none of us can avoid.

Anyway, nice day today. :O)

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One Response to Marty Visits, Plugging Rodent Holes and Moving Mulch

  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    You are still getting fresh strawberries?…Yikes!..I’m jealous/envious….
    Checked the map today and it looks as if you aren’t too close to the latest fires..
    This is a good thing for sure..

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