Marty’s Van’s Timing, Broody Hen and Building My Van’s Radiator Fluid Recovery Bracket

Thursday June 11, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Today’s plan

Today my friend Marty was bringing his old van by so I could help him do the timing on the engine.

He wasn’t do until afternoon so I chair hopped and puttered around the yard first thing which I do a lot anyway.

Broody hen gets eggs

Last night I moved this black hen into a separate nesting box from the egg laying nest boxes as she’s been trying to sit on eggs for several weeks now but I keep taking the eggs away. But she’s a nice tempered hen so I gave her 10  eggs in a nest box and moved her to it after dark last night.

This morning she wasn’t too happy and wanted back into the egg laying nesting boxes but she wasn’t able to get to them and I think is slowly settling down on the new eggs I gave her.hen


Here’s the eggs in the new nest box I gave her.eggs


Marty’s timing project

Marty arrived in his van so we did some chair hopping and shot the bull for a bit letting his van engine cool down a bit.

When we went to work on it it was still too hot so we gave it some more time to cool down.

Once we got started Marty got in it and started taking things apart so we could do the timing. You can see him in there.marty


Got it done

We worked on the engine and got it timed double and triple checking things as we went.engine


Once that was done and he got stuff back together we did some more chair hopping then he headed for home.

Main rooster

Here’s Carmelo rooster number one.carmelo


Radiator fluid recovery bracket build

Late in the day I decided to at least start making a new radiator fluid recovery bracket for my van not expecting to get it done but at least a good start.

I cut out some metal parts and welded up a square for the base for the recovery bottle which is the grey jug there.welding


The jug fits the metal bracket but now the bracket needs some way to mount it to the van.jug


So I made a couple more parts and drilled a hole in one of them to  mount it.bracket3


The jug sits like this in the bracket.braket2


Finishing up the bracket

I didn’t expect to get the bracket done but I did so I put a couple coats of paint on it just before dark. paint gives things a much more professional look eh.painted


That pretty much did it for me today.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Lots of ‘car’ stuff so I’ll just say looks like a pretty good day with some fixes and an upset hen. :)

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