Misplaced Camera, Berry Vines and Broody Hens

Thursday May 14, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Misplaced camera

Early this morning I put my camera down someplace in the yard and couldn’t find it until late in the day when I went on the hunt for it before it got dark. I do this quite often but I usually fine it sooner.

I did find it right where I left it, on the wood stove.

Things are growing

Anyway with spring and the warm rains the weeds and the blackberry vines are growing quite well.

The chickens can take care of the weeds but they don’t like the blackberry vines so I’ve been on a crusade this year trying to reduce the number of them in the yard.

Here’s some of the berry vines coming up by this mulberry tree.vines


I dug up a lot of the new blackberry shoots coming up in this spot.weeds


I did a little work on the van and cleaned up some of the mess I made while working on it.

Carrots are shot

This is one of my brother’s carrot patches and it shows what happens when a virus hits and closes stuff down. The farmers are left with a loss. These are turning to seed and are now real woody type carrots. No good.

He has to pull them all out and replant.carrots



This is my number two rooster. I have two roosters in case one isn’t doing his job. I only need a rooster to fertilize the eggs for hatching otherwise a rooster is not needed, although they help keep the flock together as a unit.rooster


Nest boxes

All my egg laying nesting boxes have been in full use lately.Preview_Camera2_01_20200508_102449_1974235468


Broody hens

That’s because these five hens have gone broody and want to hatch out some eggs so they hang in the nest boxes all the time. They’d stay there all night if I didn’t remove each one after dark and put them on the roost to try and break them of being broody.Preview_Camera2_01_20200514_194233_146412296


I had a pretty easy day chair hopping and puttering around the yard.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Misplaced Camera, Berry Vines and Broody Hens

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Another great day in the life of Bob. What is the second rooster’s name?

  2. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    You could send me some BB bushes…..My mom and I had a deal: I supply the berries she’d make her pies with the best flaky crusts…
    I’d put on my army field jacket, hang some clippers in a pocket, with twine hang a plastic milk carton , with a wide cut opening, my leather gloves and go to work!
    Traveling all over Seattle delivering concrete I knew where the bestest BB patches were, along with the best bakeries…
    You miss-placed your camera?..I keep losing my remotes in my living room…AGE?..Oh well….
    Rock-on Bob…

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