Working on the Pipe Project and a Jenner Sunset Paddle

Saturday November 7, 2015 Jenner CA.

Main pipe project

I started out the day working on the main water pipe crossing in the creek.  I had the main pipe across the creek from the last time I worked on this project a week ago and could see the pipe was too wobbly and needed some anchors on the ends. But first I had to run another one and one quarter inch pipe across the creek to get some water to one of my brother’s gardens, so I did that first. I also put some pipe insulation on that pipe, then I made some end anchors out of some steel fence posts I had laying around which you can see in the picture on the right side. That made the whole thing much more stable and I was happy with that.pipecross


I decided to wait to hook the pipe into the system. A fresh start another day.

Off to Jenner for a sunset

It seemed like it would be a good idea to quit and go on down to Jenner for a sunset paddle, so off I went just after three PM.

The wind was down nicely as I arrived and put my boat in the water. I paddled across to Penny Island and headed a little ways up the river.

Going up the river along the edge of Penny Island.russianriver


I went by some cormorants. This one was drying it’s wings and getting some sun.cor



The sun was already behind the hill up river so I didn’t go far and started back down the back channel of Penny Island where I saw a little bird diving by the shoreline. It turned out to be a little pied billed grebe.grebe2


Blue herons

I paddled on down the back channel and rain into these great blue herons.heron


Near the end of the back channel, I went by  the big redwood stumps which were looking good, so I took a photo of this one.stump


Bunch of seagulls

There were a bunch of seagulls resting on the lower end of Penny Island.jenner


Suns going down

I could see the sun was starting to set so I headed on down to the river’s open mouth area and sat and watched the sunset.

There were some clouds in the sky so it looked like it was going to be a good sunset evening.set


There were lots of birds resting on the sand. Mostly seagulls and some brown pelicans.birds3


I watched as the ocean waves broke over the jetty, just after the sun went below the horizon.sunset


Feeding geese

I didn’t hang around long after the sun went down and headed back over to the island and paddled up it’s north shoreline where I ran into these geese feeding.geese


Island deer

Just past the geese, I spotted two deer feeding on the island in the grasses. They stopped long enough to check me out and continued feeding.deer


The light was fading as I went past this great blue heron on the island.heron3


I paddled across the river to the boat ramp and put my boat on the car and went on home.

That was my day.

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4 Responses to Working on the Pipe Project and a Jenner Sunset Paddle

  1. Dan says:

    Man, those sunset photos are stunning and the photos of the deer and heron after the sunset are just great. I already know that it’s good to paddle at other times than midday. Fewer people, more wildlife. Now, I gotta put that in practice.

  2. Patti Godwin says:

    Your other camera is doing just fine.

  3. Patti Godwin says:

    The deer swim across?

    • Bob says:

      Yes, the deer and other animals like coyote and bobcat all swim across and back all the time. Animals don’t wear clothes, so they just jump in and think nothing of it from what I’ve seen. A few of the deer seem to mostly live on the island, but still seem to go back and forth to the main land when they want to. There’s only two or three deer that hang on the island most of the time.

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