More Paint, a Visit and More Panel Construction

Monday May 14, 2018 Guerneville CA.

More paint to the shed

   I started out the day painting the shed floor for the third coat and then painted that pink door and put a second coat of paint on the side that will get the wettest.shed


Visitors arrive

Just as I was finishing up painting Marty and Patti and Dave and Joann came by for a visit. We sat around and shot the bull for an hour or so and then they took off for the ocean as they were going to lunch over there after some sight seeing.

Working on panels

After they left I got back into the work mode and cut rebar and welded up three panels.panels


That took  most of the day. I was too pooped to cut and attach the wire but I did good getting the three panels welded up.

Garden is coming up

I notice some of my beans I planted about a week ago are coming up.beans


And the radishes are popping up too.radishes


I chair hopped around the yard in the evening until it cooled down. The roses are still putting on a show.roses


Not really an end in sight

I have three more panels to make to complete the chicken run enclosure and then one more enclosure to make before I’m done, but that one can wait a bit. I still have lots of other work to do to complete this project so I’ll keep at it.

It was a nice day out while I worked away.

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