Working On Projects and Some Work In the Hills

Saturday June 29, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Fueling Skiddy

Skiddy needed some fuel so I drove it over by the fuel and filled it up.fuel1

Fuel nozzles

Then I tried to change the fuel nozzle to my new auto shut off one, but the pipe fittings didn’t fit the new one so I didn’t get far. I need to get a fitting piece to  make it work.nozzles2

Van chair improvement

I got a new chair for my van awhile back and noticed the chair was a bit high for the van and I was almost hitting my head on the ceiling so I needed to do something about that. I looked around and found another chair that had a shorter wheel assembly. I thought i might be able to just change it out, but the bolt hole mounts where different.

I’m checking the bolt holes to see if they line up or not. They didn’t.chairs3

I need to make the bottom one match the one on top. I think I can do that with bit of bending and drilling.mounts4

Making a metal rack

I’m not sure how big to make my new metal rack, so I laid it out to decide on the measurements.

I started with this, but decided it was too big and too wide.rack5

I know the legs are too long, so I needed to decide on how tall I want it to be and how wide I need it at the bottom, so I moved things around until I had things better for what I want.rack6

This was about right. those aren’t the metal I will use but just some metal to help figure this out. I’ll need to make three of these to start with.rack7

The day was warming up so I put those things aside and went for a ride up in the forest to check some stuff out.

Spring check out

This spring isn’t putting out as much water as it should so I checked the water flow to see how much it was running.water8

Then I made my way up to the spring up in this area and cleaned it out which improved the flow some.spring9


Then I drove on over to the rock slide area and got some rocks loaded up.rocks10

I was headed to the places I was going to use the rocks when I ran into my cousin hiking, so I offered her a ride around the property after we installed the rocks.


We drove down to the water pool and put the larger rocks in the water at the edge of the pool for a place for the mosquito fish I will add to the pool soon.pool11


Then we drove over to this crossing and she helped me add these rocks to the crossing. It needs more rocks, a little at time.rocks12

After that we rode all over the place checking out  her place.

Back home

We had a good ride and I went on home for a nap.

A bit later, I worked on the chair’s base drilling holes in the bracket to match the new chair.bracket13

I bolted the chair to the base and tried it out. Perfect, much better.chari14

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Working On Projects and Some Work In the Hills

  1. KennyD says:

    If your neighbor is still having problems with his injector pump, Area Diesel Service are the folks to call. They they know these things backwards and forwards and are VERY helpful. They also will have any parts that you might need. Google will put you in touch.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Kenny,
      My neighbor’s working on it. It’s a bit different than most injector systems. I’ll let him know aboutthose guys.

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