Mosquitos Drive Us To High Ground To Camp

Sunday June 4, 2023 Plumas National Forest CA.

Posted two blogs today

Another day

When we got up this  morning we both decided to not camp by the creek if possible as the mosquitos were just too numerous to deal with, especially if we didn’t’ have to.

We would look for a camp up higher in the mountains hoping for less mosquitos.

We did want to  explore the creek for possible camp spots for future use.

Headed out

We headed out and went down this road looking for some more creek access.road1


That road petered out on us, even though it was on the map. We stopped at the end of it for a break and to check the maps againvans2


Then we moved some more and stopped in this spot to check the maps again, something we did often to try and find creek access.vans3


Eventually we headed down this road that looked promising for creek access.medow4


We didn’t make it all the way to the end of that road, as it was closed down, but where it stopped, it was at this spot at the creek, so we got out to check things out.creek5


I went for a short hike to find out what happened to the old road. It was abandoned and washed out as it crossed this meadow.medow6



Marty set up his fishing gear to try out the fishing.fishing7


I think the fish were full of mosquitoes and bugs as they were everywhere and Marty didn’t catch anything.

We left that area and had to travel the road quite some distance to get back to the creek.

Ridge top camp

On the way we were going over a higher pass so we stopped and I discovered an old road that went up to a ridge top. It wasn’t hard to get Marty to agree to a camp spot on the ridge top to hopefully escape most of the mosquitos.

I discovered a small old road that went up off to the side. I walked up it a bit and decided it was good enough for us and we drove up it to tonight’s camp spot. Just a few mosquitos up here which was much, much, better so we stayed.camp8


This is the view down into the valley from that spot.view9


Thunder and lightning storm

Thunder clouds formed and it roared for a couple hours with a few rain showers. Quite a show.clouds10



It was still booming away when I went for a short walk down the road on the ridge top.walk11


I didn’t go far and made it back to our camp spot.camp12


We will continue exploring the creek but we’ll likely try to find a camp spot in higher ground from now on.


We found we had cell phone signal up on the ridge top so I was able to post these two posts.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Mosquitoes would drive me into higher elevation even if it was cold. Still pretty country and love the wildflowers.

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