Mushrooming, a Walk, and a Ride

Sunday February 11, 2024 Guerneville CA.


Barry showed up this morning and wanted to do some mushrooming as they seemed to still be coming up in places. We rode up to his favorite spots to look around for the mushrooms.barry1

He had to look around some.hunting2

He started to find some of what he was looking for. Black Chanterelles.mushrooms3

He looked around some more and filled up his bag pretty good and got some exercise too.bagged4


Then we went to our main spring for a drink of water.spring5

We rode around for a bit.overlook6

And ended up at the trail I’ve been working on and went for a walk out the trail which starts here.trail7

We got a bit of exercise walking on that trail before returning to the bikes.trail8

By now we were tired out a bit so headed to our break area at the top of the ridge.view9

After a good break we rode around some more and stopped once in awhile to remove trees off the roads.trees10

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Oh my. Chanterelles.

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