Turned Out To Be a Mushroom Hunting Day

Monday February 12, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Leaky oil

Last night I filled both saws up with gas and oil and I noticed the small saw seemed to be leaking oil out of the fill cap. I  messed around with it but couldn’t seem to get the cap to seal. I checked it this morning and it was still leaking a bit. saw1

Barry showed up so I put that aside.

A ride and hunting for mushrooms

Barry was going for a ride in the forest but said he only had one spot to check for mushrooms and didn’t think he’d do very good looking for them today, so off we went.

This is the first spot we stopped to check and he found more than he thought he would.barry2

Then he located some more of them.shrums3

And the hunt was on. He kept finding them along the road edges.barry4

He found some here on this road.barry5

And saw some more on the bank here and had to cut some brush to get up there to get them.brush6

I hunted a bit too and would say, here’s some. I wasn’t picking any, but instead would throw rocks and sticks off the road while he looked. Eventually, I’ll know all his picking spots and might start picking some for myself.

Spring water

We stopped here at a spring for a drink of water. Barry says the spring water is excellent and we should be selling it.spring7

He kept looking and kept finding more mushrooms. So much for our bike ride.barry7

There seems to be a lot of these black chanterelles this year.shrums9

Eventually we did make it up to our break spot on the ridge top for a break.barry10

It was a real nice day.sky11

While we were resting there, my other brother Tom showed up. He’d been out picking mushrooms too and told Barry where he’d  been finding them.tom12

So, we were off looking for more of them and finding some too.barry13

We did a lot of hunting and found a lot of mushrooms but didn’t get much riding in, but we did get a lot of exercise looking for the mushrooms.

It was getting late in the day so we headed for my place and Barry took off for his place.

I checked on the chickens who were out grazing in the yard.daffs14


A box arrived in the mail which turned out to be some mirrors for my new rig. I realized right away that the rig needed some mirrors for backing up so I’d ordered some up. I didn’t get them installed yet as a nap was in order from all the exercise we got today.mirrors15

Nice day.

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