Need to Get the Bulkhead Done Before the Winter Rains

Wednesday November 22, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Bulkhead work

I need to keep working on the bulkhead before the winter rains really start, so I was back at it today.

I’m installing metal frame work in this spot to support  more of the  metal sheets. I first need to dig some holes to put a couple metal posts in the ground to attach to the existing frame to improve it.posts1



I welded the metal pipes for the posts to the old stuff. Things are pretty rusty, so the welds weren’t fancy but should be strong enough to hold this stuff together.pipes2


I just finished welding this post after digging the hole deeper.welding3


Metal framing

Then I cut some angle iron to length and welded it to the posts to  give the metal sheets some support when I install them.bars4


Next spot

I moved to this spot to put a post in, but it was getting dark. I got the post in but had to quit for the day before I got the framing in.spot2


It was getting dark fast, so I put the tools away for the night and went up and shut the chickens in for the night.


My pineapple guavas are getting ripe and falling on the ground. I saw them when I walked on by and stopped to eat a couple of them.guavas


Nice day.

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