Continuing the Bulkhead Work and My New Camera

Sunday November 26, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Bulkhead work

I continue to work on the bulkhead, getting close to finishing most of it up.

I needed to fill this one in with the metal sheets so I got at it.bulkhead2


All the  metal sheets are on in this section of the bulkhead.metal3



During that process, I smashed my index finger with the screw gun which hurt a bit. I put on some gloves and keep at it. I should have had the gloves on in the first place. I did, but took them off to so some measuring and didn’t put them back on.

Last section

Now I need to get this last section installed with the metal sheets.bulkhead1


Now I have all the  metal sheets installed. I still need to tidy some of them up a bit.metal4


It was getting close to dark when I finished up what I wanted to do on the bulkhead today.


I was expecting a new camera to arrive today in the mail. I heard the mail car go by earlier today so I was pretty sure it had arrived. I walked out the driveway to retrieve it.driveway5


It should be in the big black mailbox.mailbox


And it was.package7


Reolink PTZ camera

I’ve been using this outdoor camera to watch the rats for quite some time now. It does wireless, but my outside wireless coverage has been bad, but I think I’ve improved that, so this one, I will try to set it up using the wireless and see what it does. The one I had wired, I viewed on my computer. It records when it detects motion. I think I can view this one with wireless on the computer and I think it will work on my phone too.



This is what this camera is:

REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in Wi-Fi Security Camera, 5MP HD PTZ Camera for Home Security, Motion Tracking, 5GHz Wi-Fi, 3X Optical Zoom, Person Vehicle Detection, Spotlight Color Night Vision, APP Co.

They sell for about a hundred bucks.

When I get time I’ll be setting this up and seeing how it works on Wi-Fi.

Nice day.

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