New Inverter Hookup, Little Bridges and Other Stuff

Monday April 10, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Van’s inverter hookup

I needed to finish the van’s new inverter hookup. The wires needed to be run from the battery to the inverter so I got out my wire and got to it.wire1


I fabricated red and a black wires to do the job and added a fuse to the red wire, which is this jumble of wires all ready to get installed.cables2


It took awhile to get these wires installed as they go down and under the van and then back up to the inverter.

Time for the test. I hooked up the battery and tried the power button on the inverter and it worked which is always a good thing. The inverter lights are on.inverter3



I’ve been thinking that we need some little bridges across the little creeks that go up to our waterfall as when it’s raining and the creeks are flowing, they are hard to cross without getting wet, when on foot. I’ve thought of something wooden, but they rot out and need to be replaced.

Maybe steel

Lately I’m thinking that something in steel might be a better choice, so today I wanted to ride the dirt bike up and check out the creek crossings to see what I might need as far as how long to make something to cross each creek.

This is the first creek crossing I checked out. Looking at this, I determined this crossing would need about a ten foot bridge to cross it in the winter when the water was flowing the most. The water in these creeks doesn’t get very high so a bridge of some sort just has to be a little ways above the water that is there now. A couple feet should be high enough to do the job.creek4


I rode on up this trail to check out the next creek crossing.trail5


This creek was already dry. Another ten foot one would do nicely here and all of them that I looked at would work with a ten foot span.creek6


As long as I was up here, I rode on up this trail to check out the waterfall.trail7



I took a nice break here and enjoyed the day a bit.falls8


Fallen tree

Next I went on over to check out this downed tree across a road. I’ll have to be careful when I cut this one out as it’s up in the air. I didn’t bring up my saw today, I just wanted to check it out for now.tree9


Spring work

I rode on and stopped at this spring to reroute the black pipe a bit.spring10


With all this winter’s rains, this spring is flowing as fast as it can.water11



On the way home, I stopped at our dozer and put the charger on the battery as it could use a charge.dozer12



Back home, I did some chair hopping and was thinking about this rock I had in the back of my Toyota. I was using the weight for ballast and was thinking I had a spot for this rock.rocks13


I dumped the buckets in front of my new shed to fill in a low spot and spread it all out.rocked14


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Ah water coming out of a pipe and you didn’t have to turn on a faucet.

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