New Sink, More Concrete and Broody Chickens

Saturday April 24, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Measuring the sinks

I was thinking I’d install my new kitchen sink today, but. I remembered I needed to move any concrete my neighbor loaded in my Toyota and if I had any problems installing the new sink I might not have time to deal with them both so I decided to just measure the old sink install to make sure the new sink was going to fix.

So I got the measuring device and measured both sinks and found the new sink should fit, or at least real close and at worst I might have to trim an eighth inch off one side of the counter sink hole so that was doable.

Here’s a picture of my new kitchen sink. Right now I have a double sink which I’ve never liked. This one was on sale at Costco. When I worked in a restaurant a long time ago I used one of these type faucets and it worked real good for washing things up.sink


I hate to wash dishes so it might help a little, maybe.

Chicken manure

The next thing I did was load this chicken manure into my wheelbarrow.chickpoo


I put chunks of it in my strawberry planters as the berry plants are starting to grow and even produce some berries.berries


No concrete yet

I checked on the neighbor to see if they loaded up my Toyota with concrete but not yet as they were working on something else so I did the same.


This freezer I moved into this spot needs leveling out so I got my level and adjusted it’s feet to make it level.levelup


A load of concrete

About mid afternoon I went over to check on my Toyota and sure enough it was loaded up with concrete so I drove it over to the culvert area to unload it.concrete


And I put the blocks in place.blocks


Looking good

As you can see I almost have it. I just need about another load to finish off the left side and I think that’s about how much more concrete blocks my neighbor has.culvert


Hens gone broody

All of a sudden some of my chickens have gone broody on me. Broody means they want to nest and hatch out some chicks.hens


So I got some nesting boxes ready with new shavings and set them up.nests


Tonight after dark I will put eggs in each one and try to move each hen into a box. Some times that goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. This is the first time I will do four chickens at once. All I can do is try and they either go into the nest or not. After dark is the time to do this as they are a bit subdued in the dark and less likely to get too excited.

Last Night I made the chicken video called My Chickens

Here’s the video of my chickens headed out to the front yard to graze.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to New Sink, More Concrete and Broody Chickens

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    I also enjoyed the chicken video. Thanks for making it.
    Nice sink!

  2. Patsy+Irene says:

    I like your sink! Somehow that makes more sense than a double, especially when one sink is smaller than the other. Like ours.
    Concrete is heavy, you earned your supper last night!
    Enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing your Chicken story. ;)

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