Shopping For Well Parts, a New Kitchen Sink and Chicken Feed

Thursday April 15, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I needed parts for my new well pump installation and while I was at it, I might as well get some more feed for the chickens as I’d be going by the feed store.

Big list

So I headed over to one of the better hardware stores in the area. I had a big list which was good as no way could I  remember all the different size parts I needed.

Checking out screen doors

But first I went to the door section to have a look at screen doors as I’m thinking of installing one on the front door and one on the back door so I needed to see what they had and the sizes. They had one of the sizes but not the other size so I’ll have to order at least one of them when I’m ready.

New well pump parts

Then I went to the plumbing section and spent a lot of time hunting all the right sized parts I needed for the new pump hookup project. That took a lot of time as there’s always one or two parts that are hard to find.

New kitchen sink

I paid for the parts and then headed to Costco as they had a new stainless steel sink with one hanging faucet that was on sale.  It had one sink. I have a two sink one that I hate and I like the newer hanging faucets they have these days. Of course I bought some food too. Another project to install.

Forgot something

From there I went to another hardware store as I realized I forgot the PVC pipe glue at the other hardware store.

Finished up with chicken feed

Only one place left to go and that was the feed store to get some chicken feed and that was on the way home.

The feed store guy loads up my chicken feed.feed


That was more than enough shopping for one day so I was happy to return home where I parked the car and unloaded the food stuff but left the feed for later after a nap.

I had seven 50 pound sacks of chicken feed to unload and put away in the feed shed which I got to just before dark.

Government stimulus money

These projects are getting done as the government has been throwing some stimulus money my way so to stimulate the economy I need to spend the money to do my part to get the economy moving. :O)

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Busy shopping day, now you can rest until you start your projects.

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