No Gas, Gate’s locked Must Be a Do Nothing Day

Sunday September 3, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Resting up

I’ve been mostly just taking it easy since I got home. I did have some plans to do some stuff today though.

Going to check the springs

I was going to jump on the quad runner and go up and check out our water system to make sure it was all working right.

No gas

I went to gas my quad runner but I couldn’t find the gas can. After looking all over the place more than once I decided my brother Tom must of used it while I was gone, so that idea was out.

After resting up some I decided I’d walk over there to check it out and I’d check out my brother’s garden to see what there was to eat.

Locked gate

Only problem was when I tried the combination to the gate that goes there, I couldn’t get the combination to open the lock? What now, did someone change the combo while I was going? Since I couldn’t get through the gate I had to cancel that idea too.

Back in the house to rest up. While I was laying there John, Ray’s brother knocked at the door so we shot the bull for about an hour then he left.

Ray’s not home

What now? I decided to drive down the road and visit Ray for a bit, so I picked some fresh peaches for him and took off.

No one was home, so I left the peaches. I must of caught his dag asleep as it usually barks at me, but didn’t bark until I was on the way out and back in my car.

Do nothing day

Ok, so I wasn’t supposed to do anything today so I went home for a nap.

When my brother finally showed up from today’s farmer’s market, I got some gas from him, but it was too late in the day to go for that ride.

I also found out the combo lock on the gate had been having trouble unlocking, so my brother finally gave me a key to anther lock that opens the gate. I’d been trying to get a key from him for about a year now so at least I finally got that done.

Maybe A yak tomorrow

With the holiday on, I’ve been staying home since I got back until the crowds thin out, so maybe tomorrow I’ll get out for a much needed yak at Jenner.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sometimes your Jello jiggles and plans change. Sounds like that happened for you today. Nice day to relax anyway.

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