Too Windy To Yak, But Not to Haul Rocks

Tuesday December 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.


It seemed like a good day to go for a yak as the weather guys said it’d be sunny with  moderate wind. Good enough for me.


I got  my stuff together and drove on down to Jenner. Hummm, it looked like it was a bit windier than the weather guys said it was going to be so I drove on through Jenner to the overlook where the river flows into the Pacific Ocean to have a look and think about it.


This is the view of the end of the river and the ocean looking north from the overlook. The river is muddy from the recent rains and so part of the ocean is also muddy where the river flows into it.ocean


This is looking up the river. Note the wind streaks in the water.river


River’s mouth area

The river’s mouth is open and has  moved back to it’s summer outlet spot from the winter spot just north of here.mouth


The ocean was a bit rough.mouth4


Some harbor seals resting on the sands.seals5


Actually there are lots of critters down there on the sands.critters6


Well fed critters

Harbor seals and gulls taking it easy. Most of these critters feed in the early morning out in the ocean and come back here after they are full of ocean stuff to digest and rest.birds7


Wind chill

On the wind, I can handle the windy part but there was a cold chill on it so I was thinking of moving on and doing something else today.

Jenner boat ramp

I stopped at the Jenner boat ramp to make my final decision and the chill there was enough to convince me I didn’t need to yak today.ramp


Visiting Charlie

Charlie’s place is on the way to Monte Rio so I decided to stop in to visit with him for a bit as I haven’t seen him in quite some time. He was home so we shot the bull for a bit before I left.

Monte Rio boat ramp

From there I drove to the Monte Rio boat ramp as it was on the way home to have a look see. The river water hasn’t come up too high yet so the ramp wasn’t  muddy, at least above the water level.rio9


Loading up rocks

From there I headed on home as I figured it’d be a good time to take my rig up into the hills and load it up with some rocks from this slide. I break any real big ones up with the sledge hammer to save my back a little.rockslide


That’s pretty good load of rocks so I headed on down the hill to where I needed the rocks at a crossing that the water was washing out.rig


Repairing the crossing

Here’s the bad crossing that is washing out a bit. I’d put a few rocks in there recently but it needs a lot more to repair the part that is washing out.washout


Looking better

That load of rock got unloaded and it looks like it will take a couple more rock loads to completely repair this crossing. But that was a good start and my back was saying enough so I didn’t go get another load of rocks like I was thinking of doing.rocked


More nice rocks

On the way home I spied these rocks along this road so I stopped to have a look see.

Looks like a good load of nice rocks for that crossing but not


Sat with the chickens

I went on home and let the chickens out into the front yard and sat with them until they went into roost when the chicken pen doors got shut up for the night.

Nice day.

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