Paddling Around Jenner in the Fog

Friday May 2, 2014 Jenner CA.

A warm fog makes for a nice day

I could see the fog coming in as I approached Jenner today. There was a light wind too that made the fog waffle in and out a bit.

I put my boat in the water and headed on up the river at my slow leisurely pace. The fog was just moving in.

This is my view as I looked back towards the town of Jenner as I paddled up the river. The fog was slowly moving in, but I was ahead of it for awhile.jenner


I continued on up the river along this shore line as the fog continued to more in. It was fairly warm out so it was nice.up


I paddled on up to Dead Deer Gulch where I sat in my boat for a good spell.

This is my view as I started on back down the river.backview


Geese have returned

I noticed the geese were back in the area with their little ones. The little ones have grown a lot since I last saw them, likely making it safer to return to this area.

I paddled over to where the geese were across the river near Paddy’s rock.

I passed close to these geese with their little ones.geese


I followed them to shore where they got out of the water to feed.geese2


They like to feed in the grasses along the river banks.geese4


There was also a wild turkey keeping an eye on me from the river bank.turkey


The fog had lifted a bit as I paddled back down towards the town of Jenner.downview


I went on down the back channel of Penny Island where I saw this Great Blue Heron doing some fishing. It watched me as I went on by.heron


And this crow landed right in front of me as I was paddling down the back side of Penny Island. It had a salmon berry in it’s beak that it needed to drop, so it could consume it, which it did.crow


This is my view as I came out of the back Penny Island channel on the west end. The mosses and the weeds in the water are growing nicely now, spring time you know.view


River’s mouth area

I paddled on down to the river’s mouth area to check it out.

This is the river’s mouth, open and deep. Lots of harbor seals on the beach along with a lot of birds too.mouth


I hung around in front of the mouth just watching things. It was high tide, so lots of fresh ocean water was coming into the river, bringing all kinds  of little fish into the river.

Cormorants were feeding

Some cormorants where taking advantage of this fact and were catching a lot of little fish right in front of me.

This cormorant just popped up from it’s dive with this fish that it will consume quickly, before something else tries to steal it.cormorant


Seal pups

A couple seal pups with their moms and lots of birds too. The pups are growing fast.seals


This mom and pup were playing around right near my kayak.pup


I slowly headed on back in for the day. Even with the fog, it was a very nice day as it was warm out, with very little wind. That makes for an interesting type day.

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