Yard Work and Raided My Brothers Berry Patch

Saturday May 3, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Raiding Armstrong Valley Farm for strawberries

I decided to stay home today and do some yard work. I had lots of high weeds to mow down. I put some gas in the mower and started to mow until my friend Marty came by for a visit.

We shot the bull for a couple hours then decided it would be good to go over to my brother, Toms garden and raid a few fresh strawberries.

My brother has quite a garden as he grows organically and sells at the farmers markets locally under the name of Armstrong Valley farm. That’s an appropriate name as he is growing on what used to be owned by Mr. Armstrong, who used to own all the upper valley before 1900. Armstrong State Park is near by. This valley used to have some of the largest redwood trees in the world growing in it. The valley was originally called Big Bottom. Big Bottom referred to the size of the bases of the redwood trees here, because they were so huge.

Anyway, we only had to walk across a little creek to get to it.

Armstrong Valley Farm

This is our view of his garden. That’s his green house there and some of his plants.garden2


He grows some real nice sweet lettuces, among other things.letuce


This is a look inside his green house where he starts a lot of his plants.greenhouse


Marty and I were interested in his strawberries. He has a lot of rows of them. Just a few of them are in the front of this picture.garden


Here’s a little closer look at one of his strawberry rows. The berries went from the plants right into our mouths, so I didn’t get any other pictures of the berries. Hummmm good. We ate our fill, trying not to make pigs of ourselves.berries


After that we returned to my house and talked some more before Marty left for the day.

Just one more tank of gas

I decided one more try at the mowing of the weeds would be a good idea, so I put some gas in the tank, trying to put just enough in so it would quit at the appropriate time and not wear me out, if I guessed right.

Well, I mowed some big ol weeds and I was getting tired waiting for the mower to run out of gas.  Just before I was about to run out of gas, or maybe a little after, the mower finally quit.

I decided that was enough for the day, or I would get really worn out and the rest would keep anyway, so I spent the rest of the day sitting around enjoying my yard.

This is one of my views as I sat enjoying the yard and resting up.yard


My roses are looking real nice.roses


That was pretty much my day for another good one.

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