Paddling in the Wind, a Hike to Buzzard Rock and Listening for the Wild Turkeys

Tuesday March 17, 2015 Jenner CA.

The weather guy said it was going to be a little windy today and when I arrived at Jenner this morning, he was right. The wind was already up as I put my boat in the water and crossed over to Penny Island. The sun was out, so even with the wind, it was nice.

I pulled into the little channel on the upper end of the island and sat around for a good while warming up in the sunshine.islandchannel


This pair of mallard ducks were resting on a log in the channel. They had one eye on me and didn’t move the whole time I was there.mallardspair


I hadn’t made up my mind which way to go today, but with the wind, I decided not to head down to the river’s mouth as it would be windier down that way, so I headed on up the river.

These ducks went by me. They were diving for food.ducks


I paddled on up the river in the wind, headed for Muskrat nest beach about a half mile more up the river. You can see it’s a bit windy from the waves in the water.russianriver


I was looking for a place to go ashore for a little walk. I needed a place that wasn’t too muddy and found a spot here.kayak


Buzzard Rock

I was headed for buzzard rock which you can see in this picture, looking down towards the town of Jenner.buzzardrock


When I got to the top of Buzzard rock, I sat in the sun and the spot was mostly out of the wind. A good place to sit and enjoy the day, which I did. That little island down there is where Paddy’s rock is. This was the view from the top of the rock.jenner


A  closer look at the Paddy’s rock area showing the cormorants resting on the gravel there.paddy's


My view looking up the river from the top of the rock where I sat for a couple hours just taking it easy.rock


From the rock, I could see the wind was picking up some more. I decided to stay on the rock for awhile, maybe the wind would die down a bit, but it didn’t, it got stronger.

Hadn’t heard a gobble all day

I had seen some turkeys in the grassy field as I drove down to Jenner this morning, but I hadn’t heard a gobble all day, even though I was listening for them.

But as I came down off the rock, I heard a gobble across the river from me, so when I got back in my boat, I paddled across the river to see if I could find the turkeys. I didn’t find any turkeys right away, but I did find these geese resting in this spot. They honked the alarm as I approached, but didn’t fly away.geese


I kept looking for the turkeys and finally spotted this one as it came through the willow trees. I could hear some more of them on the other side of the trees, but I didn’t see any of the others.turkey


I was over by Paddy’s rock where the cormorants where resting.cormorants


I worked my way down the river on the south shoreline, keeping out of the wind as much as possible and went on in for the day.

When I got home all I had in me was a nap and that was my day.

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