Paddled Up the River to the Willow Creek Campground and Willow Creek Too

Monday March 16, 2015 Jenner CA.

It was cloudy and overcast when I arrived at Jenner this morning, but the wind was down and the temperature was pleasant. Ray arrived just after I got  my boat off the car. We didn’t have a plan where to go today as we put our boats in the water and crossed over to Penny Island. On the way, I suggested we go up the river to at least Seal Haven, so we headed on up that way, taking our time.

We passed by these merganser ducks doing some sort of mating thing and making their noises. Two males and a female in this picture.mergansers


And just above those ducks were these two geese taking it easy on the shoreline.geese


Resting harbor seals

We paddled along and soon were at Seal Haven were we passed by these harbor seals taking it easy on some sunken redwood logs.harborseals


This was my view as I paddled along following Ray up the river.ray


There were quite a few cormorants resting on the gravel beach up ahead which we had to go by and they all flew away.cormorants


Went for a little walk at the Willow Creek camp area

We made it up to Markham hole and put ashore near the walk in, boat in, state campground that is still closed for the winter. We pulled into shore and went for a little walk


We walked into the woods and went by these little flowers that were doing their


We walked into the woods, then came out here and walked back along this beach to our boats that were patiently waiting for us.shore


Back in our boats, we started back down the river on the south side where we ran into this great egret fishing along the shoreline.egret


As I was getting pictures of the egret, Ray says there’s a hawk up on a pole. When I turned around to check it out, this is what I saw of the hawk.hawk


Paddled into Willow Creek

We pulled into willow creek to check it out. We’ve just entered the creek in this photo and there is a great egret up ahead which we had to go by to get into the creek.willow


Of course the egret flew into the air when we started to go by it.egretfly


We sat in our boats for a spell in Willow Creek taking it easy before starting back down the river. While we were taking it easy in Willow Creek, most of the light wind died down. Here we are just approaching Eagle’s landing and you can see the wind is down.russianriver


This was our view as we approached Jenner heading back in for the day.jenner


We loaded our boats and went on home for the day.

Tractor work

I had a little nap when I got home, then went outside to move some of the rock that was piled up here when they drilled the new water well the other day. I had to shovel the rock into the tractor’s bucket. Three and a half buckets later I was pooped out, so sat around the yard until it got dark and that was my day.tractor


Nice day.

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