Paddling Jenner and Supervising Chickens

Saturday June 20 2020 Jenner CA.

Two days of blogs

I wore myself out kayaking yesterday so  didn’t get around to doing a blog.

But here it is.

Jenner paddle

I put my boat in the water at the Jenner boat ramp and paddled across the river and headed on up river. There was some light high fog but otherwise a real nice day with low wind which is always good.

Mostly to myself

I didn’t get down here until about 1 PM so most of the other boaters had already come and gone which is also good.upriver2


Otter’s log

I pulled into this spot to sit and watch. One of my old stop spots that I hadn’t been at for a long time. I call it Otter’s log as sometimes I see a bunch of them on it but not today.log4


This was my view looking out from Otter’s Log looking up river.log5


I slowly  made my way up river along here which I call Eagle’s Landing. Of course that’s because eagles sometimes land here, but not today.river6


dying wind

The light wind was really dying as I paddled along here.river7



I made it up to this spot I call Muskrat and sat in my boat for a good spell just watching and enjoying the day. No muskrats here today but the river was sure nice.muskrat8


This was looking down river from that spot.muskrat9


I saw these ducks swim across the river while I was watching.ducks10


Eventually I paddled across the river and  headed back down river going by these bovines feeding along the river’s edge.cattle12



I could see those birds behind the big rock so I sneaked around the rock to get closer.rock11


These two pelicans were doing some preening and taking it easy.birds12


There was a couple ducks and some cormorants with them.pells13


I paddled back around the big rock and headed down river past the birds.jenner12



As I was paddling back I was thinking some wild blackberries might be good so I pulled into shore at a place called Swamp Rock.

I was surprised to find so many ripe berries.blackberries14


I made half of them disappear and saved the other half to eat on my way back from my little walk around the area.berries15


Nap spot

After eating plenty of berries I went back to where my boat was and found this spot to lay down on the grass for a good break for a half hour or so.boat16


It was time to  head on in for the day so I pushed off and headed on towards the Jenner boat ramp up  ahead a ways.jenner17


I paddled on by three great blue herons and here’s one of them that was focused the best.heron19


Boat ramp

And there’s the Jenner boat ramp where I was headed to take my boat out of the water.ramp20


I put the boat on my car and drove on home for the day. I was worn out from the nice day on the water so didn’t get around to producing this blog.

Today’s blog Saturday

Today I got it going and didn’t have much planned.


I was chair hopping when I decided to move some woodchip mulch to my garden and some to the chicken’s mulch pen.

I loaded up the wheelbarrow here at the woodchip pile. The chickens didn’t help me much.chips


Mulch pen

I dumped a couple loads in the garden and spread it out and then put several loads of woodchips in this mulch pen. After that I turned the water on the woodchips to water them down as the chickens like that.water


Chicken supervising

I continued my chair hopping and also did some supervising of the chickens watching the new peeps.hens


I have a number of sizes of them now. These are my medium ones.chicks


And plenty of new little ones.peeps


I puttered around the yard just enjoying the day mostly as the chickens didn’t need much supervising.

Nice day.

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  1. Furry Gnome says:

    Looks like a great paddle on the river.

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