Paddling Monte Rio with the Birds and the Turtles

Tuesday April 22, 2014 Monte Rio CA.

Monte Rio, up and back

It was supposed to be showers and windy today. I went on down to Jenner to check it out. Ray was there and we decided to go back to Monte Rio. There were no showers, it was sunny, but the wind was up a bit.

We put in at Monte Rio around 11:30 AM and decided to go on up the river. Right away, Ray says, otter. It popped up in front of me for just a bit then it was gone.otter


This is our view just above Monte Rio.upview


Most of the ducks in the Monte Rio area are fairly friendly. This pair of Mallards came right up to me.mallards


We passed this cormorant. It has those little feathers on it’s head and they are black? I thought those feathers were all supposed to be white indicating a male, but now I’m not sure about them as this one has black little feathers on it’s head.cormorant


Continuing on up the river, this was the view we had.river


There seemed to be quite a few of these Green Herons on the river today, as we saw them often.heron


We went up past the golf course at a leisurely pace.

These two cormorants were taking it easy as we passed.cormorants


We passed a lot of turtles today. This one had a mallard duck for a buddy.turtleduck


We were paddling up steam against a bit of current and Ray finally said he’d had enough, so we turned around and headed back down the river enjoying the current going down stream.ray


Another turtle we passed.turtle


It’s real scenic going around the golf course bend in the river. The golf course is out of sight to the right and can’t be seen from the river.riverview


And more turtles, it seemed to be a turtle day.turtles


And another Green Heron fishing.heron2


We pulled back into Monte Rio about three PM. We were both beat, but had a nice day.

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  1. Suzie says:

    you are a very talented photographer, Bob! Love your photos of and around Monte Rio!
    Kerp up the great work!!

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