Parts Run, Roof Cam, Feeder Repair, Eggs and Chewed Up Rhubarb

Friday October 4, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Parts run

First thing I did today was drive on down to Monte Rio to pick up the bearings and seals to repair my car which I did. Then I went to the bank and then to the propane filler upper place and got my bottle filled up and back on home from there.

Cam on the roof

One of the things I did today was put  my cam up on the roof to watch which way the rodents go during the night. I’ve tracked them to this spot and it looks like they are going off to the right. Somewhere they are getting into my attic.camroof


Redwood leaves

I did notice the redwood leaves need to be cleaned up. Most of them recently fell in the recent winds. Cleaning them up too early means I’d have to do it more than once so I’ll wait for a bit more before getting it done.

Rodent proof feeder adjustment

My rat proof chick feeder hasn’t been triggered open by the chicks most mornings. I needed to make the trigger more sensitive so I screwed this board on it for them to jump on and I’ll see if that works or not.feeder


Here’s the board. It’s on a hinge that pulls a wire on the left and the door is pulled open by a weighted can up above. It works pretty good as far as keeping the feed away from the rodents.trigger


It was a  nice day so I did a lot of chair hopping and just puttering around and enjoying the yard which took up  most of the day.

Potato planting area

I worked on cleaning up this area a bit pulling out some berry vines and some of the weeds as I want to plant the potatoes in here soon.weeds


Poor rhubarb plants

I bought 4 rhubarb plants this spring and planted two in two different places. Two of them grew really well, those on the left. But two of them didn’t do well so I moved them with the ones that did well. The ones on the right didn’t do well growing this summer for some reason. I let the chickens in this pen the other day and they really did a job on the rhubarb leaves. I guess I’ll have to protect the rhubarb before I let them in here again.rhubarb


The rhubarb got pretty chewed up eh.eatenup



Here’s Fluffy and Doris getting ready to roost for the night.chickens


Here’s some of my mid sized chicks on their roost for the night. See those white things on the right.chicks


Meat birds

Those are my 4 meat type birds and they don’t seem to like to roost like the other birds.meatbirds


Egg production up

Since I started feeding my girls more sunflower seeds the eggs are larger and production has about doubled. The 10 eggs on the right are from today. I was getting about 5 a day before increasing the sunflower seeds in their feed a little over a week ago.eggs


Another nice fall day puttering around the yard and enjoying the day.

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