Picked Up Brush and Wood and Kayaked Jenner

Sunday October 13, 2013 Jenner, CA.

I started the day out working in the yard

Well, actually, I started the day out with cleaning my wood stove ashes out of the wood stove which can be a little on the messy side for the house as that ash seems to get just about everywhere during the process.

That meant I had to do a little vacuuming of the living room which sure needed it anyway.

Once that was done and a little break too, I picked up brush in the yard from stuff I had cut down last week. I also put about four wheel barrels full of wood in the wood shed.

Then a nap and something to eat and I drove down to Jenner around 3:00PM. The wind wasn’t too bad so I put my boat in the water and headed over to the west end of Penny Island.

The Russian River mouth is still closed

Since the mouth of the river is still closed and the water of the estuary is up, I was able to paddle onto the west end of Penny Island that is usually land.

This is my view of the flooded west end of Penny Island where I took a break.pennyisland


From there I headed on down to the closed river mouth area.

This is the view I had as I went on down that way.riverview


Another view as I approached the river mouth area.riverview2


There were a lot of seagulls resting on the sandy beach just to the left of where the river usually goes out.seagulls


I paddled right up to the beach where the river usually goes out to see how high the sand was there? It looked to be just about three feet above the river water level in the picture below.mouth


The river’s mouth gets opened up tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Sonoma County Water Agency will bring some equipment down here and open a water path to the ocean, hopefully opening the river’s mouth up so the salmon that are waiting out in the ocean to come in to spawn and die can come in to do their thing.

I stayed down at the mouth area for awhile just looking around and then went back to the west end of Penny island.

There was a great blue heron sitting there that took off as I approached.blueheron


This is another view of the flooded west end of Penny Island. Some ways, it’s a grave yard for some real old big redwoods stumps that have flouted onto the island in years a past when the water was real high.island


I hung around there for awhile and took my time as I headed back to the boat ramp. The sun was headed down and here is what it looked like as I left the water for the day.sun


I pulled my boat off the water and headed on home.

Another nice day.

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