They Were Supposed to Open the River’s Mouth Today, But

Monday October 14, 2013 Jenner CA.

I headed on down to Jenner to get some photos of the mouth opening operation

I thought if I got to Jenner around eleven this morning I’d be on time to get some pictures of the river’s mouth being open by the Sonoma County Water Agency, using a big excavator.

I didn’t see any equipment on the beach

As I approached Jenner, I pulled over and looked down towards the river’s mouth. I didn’t see any action down there, what?

This is my view  from the side of the road as I entered Jenner this morning, looking down towards the river’s mouth.jenner


I was looking for a big excavator down there on the sand bar, but it wasn’t there. Only a biologist in a boat on the water and the mouth of the river was still closed.mouth


From there I went on down to the over look area just beyond Jenner on highway one and took this photo of the closed river mouth.beach


Some friends were there to see the opening so I shot the bull with them for a bit, then went over and talked with a biologist lady that was there in her car. She was there for the seals and she said they had to cancel the opening because they didn’t get all their paper work done properly. There are a whole bunch of agencies that have to be consulted with in order for the mouth to be opened. She said it should happen tomorrow. I talked with her about a lot of stuff about the river and went back over and shot the bull some more with the guys.

We decided we might as well go kayaking so we went to the launch ramp and put our boats in the water and headed on down towards the river’s mouth.

This picture is where the river’s mouth is supposed to go out to the ocean and we put ashore here to have a look around.rivermouth


This is where we put ashore at the river’s mouth, that’s our three boats there on the beach looking back towards


We jumped up on the cement jetty and had a look around. This is the cement jetty at the river’s mouth looking out to the ocean.jetty


This picture is looking down towards goat rock from the jetty.goatrock


From there we paddled back to Penny Island and kayaked onto it where the water is flooding it on the west end, just looking around.

Then we headed up the back side of Penny Island at a leisurely pace to the east end. Ray and John went on home and I went up the river just a bit, where I took a break with these cormorants and that one black harbor seal.sealbirds


I dallied around for about an hour before going back in and loading up my boat and heading home for the day.

The wind was down today and the sun was out, so another nice day at Jenner.

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