Playing With the Bulldozer Working on Forest Roads

Thursday December 9, 2021 Guerneville CA.


Tom was loading woodchips in the dump trailer and taking them over to his chicken area and garden area to use for mulch I think.woodchip


Dozer work in the woods

I rode the quad runner up to where I parked the dozer last night at this spot. After checking the fluid levels I started it up to warm up a bit.dozer3


Road work

I left the quad runner there to pick up later when I finished working for the day and drove the dozer down this road where I worked on water drainage and took out some small slides on the road. Any fallen dead logs on the road got pushed out of the way too.riad4


Lost Ridge

I made it down to this spot I call Lost Ridge where there is a flat spot where the sun shines in. I pushed out a few bushes here. And also had a bit of a break for a bit before continuing on down the road.grassy5


Water shoots out

I had a place where the water was shooting out of the hill on my road when it rains and causing it to wash out so I dug a ditch for that to contain the water and stop it eroding stuff.

Joy riding

And then I moved on down to here where there wasn’t much to do so I moved right along.road6


This road was mostly in good shape also.road7


There wasn’t much to do on that last road so I moved on down this one which was also in pretty good shape.road8


Dirt slide

Until I got to this spot where I had to push a big dirt slide out of the way.slide9


Got dark so I had to quit

By then it was almost dark so I left the dozer there for the night and remembered my quad runner was up the hill a ways where I left it earlier so I started my walk up the road as it darkened.walk10


I popped out of the forest and it was still light but not for long.grassroad11


It was about this dark when I saw the quad runner up ahead.quad12


I rode to the fire break area where it was a little lighter and headed down the hill on the fire break area.night


Nice day playing in the woods.

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