Finishing Up the Big Fire Break and Where’s My Rooster

Monday December 7, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rehab work day

I filled up the diesel container and took it up to the dozer around noon today. I fueled the dozer and greased it.fuel


I was almost finished with the largest fire break yesterday and I only had a little to do working my way down the hill on an old logging skid trail. They did a pretty good job on it so I didn’t have much to do. It was very steep though so I was too busy being safe and didn’t get any pictures.

Once I made it  all the way down the hill I drove the dozer down this road to set it up for the last bit of work I need to do.road


Huffed and puffed

I parked the dozer here and now I have to walk back up the steep hill to where I started this morning and where the quad runner was parked, maybe a half mile or so, very steep so I huffed and puffed a bit.dozer


Where’s the quad runner

I’d parked the quad runner off on a side road as not to run over it with the dozer and before I knew it I had walked  right by it and was wondering where I’d parked it.

A bit of thoughtful thought and I remembered where I’d parked it a short distance away and down hill now.

It’s nice to hop on a machine when you’re beat from exerting oneself and it was nice and off I went headed down the hill towards home.

This was the road I took with lots of fall leaves fallen.road2


Where’s my rooster

It was almost dark when I got home and the chickens where all on the roost so I shut them up. Looking at the chickens on the roost I couldn’t see my rooster but maybe it’s hiding behind some hems. I hope he’s out and about tomorrow and something hasn’t done him in.

Nice day.

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