Plumbing the Van for Propane Went Well

Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

I started out with good intentions.

I popped out of bed a little late this morning, around ten thirty, to an overcast day. The fog was still in and just starting to left, so I got a slow start on the propane plumbing project. But by noon, I was hard at it. I removed all the flooring stuff and took out all the old propane plumbing as now it was all in the wrong places.

A bit of study to figure it all out.

It took a bit of study to figure out how to make it all work, but starting from the gas stove, I worked back toward the propane tank and was making good progress. I used steel tubing to go under my floor insulation and floor boards, so as not to make big bumps in the floor. I hooked several of these steel pipes together with good rubber type gas hose and clamps. I decided to use hose and clamps as I believe this is a safer method, to prevent leaks. Mechanical fittings, although nice to use, have more of a tendency to leak with age, in a rough riding van, bouncing down some desert road, washboard all the way. ;O)

I accomplished what I could and now needed some more clamps and brass fittings and another steel tube to finish the job. Off to our local Napa store to see if they had what I wanted. A bit of looking around in their brass fitting boxes and I had what I needed to get most of the job done, but the rest was going to take another trip to Santa Rosa, our larger city, but that would have to wait until after the new year.

I got it all done, except.

So, home I went and finished most of the plumbing, except for a tee I didn’t have and a special hose to the Wave3 heater. I put the van flooring all back in and tidied up a bit and that will have to do until I get the other parts.

The gas peddle throttle problem figured out?

I was going to do some work on my gas peddle throttle, but didn’t get time. I’ve thought about my gas peddle problem and think I have a solution to my peddle problem. When I installed the cable to the TBI injection unit, I left the cable a little loose in the off position and I think this is what is causing the peddle problem. I need to tighten that cable up so it is taunt when it’s in the off position, so that when I press the peddle with my foot, it doesn’t have to take up the slack and moves the throttle right away, with no lag. That should make it more predictable. I’ll start with fixing that next time I work on the van.

Tomorrow should be a kayaking day, as the weather looks good, so that’s what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll work on that throttle problem a little first, we’ll see.

Had another nice day in the forest, that’s where I live.

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