The Eagle has Landed, Jenner, CA.

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, Jenner, CA.

Kayaking at Jenner, CA. on a winter day.

The sun was up when I rose today, so off to Jenner I went to Kayak for the day. I was on the water by eleven. It looked like the wind was going to be down for the day and an eagle was sitting in the cypress tree on Penny Island as I crossed over from the visitor’s center. I took a couple photos, but they weren’t very good as it was a ways away.

Camera problems, oh, oh.

I decided to go up the river a bit to Eagles landing first, then down to the rivers mouth later. When I got to Eagle’s landing I tried to take a couple pictures of the area, but the camera said I didn’t have a memory card in the camera. What the hay? I must of forgot to put it back in the camera last time I copied pics to my computer. With eagles in the area, I didn’t want this to happen, but not to worry, I can just change it back to it’s memory drive and all will be well. As I was looking for the setting to do that, I noticed I had a number two memory card  in there, what? Looks like I just put the memory card in the wrong slot. Just a minor problem.

Below is a photo from the Eagle’s Landing area looking west toward the town of Jenner.



And the below photo is looking up river from Eagle’s landing, beam me up.



Across from Eagle’s Landing, these Bovinasorous were bellowing to add to the ambiance, as can be seen in the photo below.



An Eagle landed overhead.

It’s good that I got my camera going, as shortly there after, the eagle landed right over my head, at Eagle’s Landing, just as he should, I mean, this is Eagle’s Landing, right? :O)

Below is what he looked like just as he was landing.



As I looked up, he was eyeing me and below is what it looked like from my kayak.



I paddled around under the eagle for an hour or so, trying to get better photos, but that wasn’t so easy has he was embedded mostly in the tree and most of the angles he was covered by branches, but I did the best I could.

Below, you can see the eagle peering around.



And one last photo before I finally headed down the river toward the river’s mouth, where it meets the ocean. I left the eagle there in the tree.



Headed down river to the ocean.

Below is a photo of the east end of Penny Island looking west, ducks on the water that you can see if you click on the photo to enlarge it.



Squawk, it’s a young hawk.

I was looking toward the ocean when I heard this loud squawk, sounded a lot like a red tailed hawk, when I looked over, this is what I saw. It looks like a young hawk, maybe a red tailed and maybe not. The young birds are hard to tell what they are when they are young, at least for me.

Below is a  photo of a young hawk on Penny Island.



The mouth, where the river meets the ocean.

I continued on to the mouth of the river, where it meets the Pacific ocean. There were lots of seagulls down there.

Below you can see some of the birds looking out west to the Pacific ocean.



The mouth of the river was open wide, lots of muddy water going out to the ocean.

Below, you can see how rough the ocean was and some of the birds down there.



Below is another photo of the birds looking out the mouth of the river into the Pacific ocean.



Deer on the island.

I spent a little time down there, then headed back to the Jenner Visitor’s center to the take out, but first, I spied some deer on the East end o Penny Island. Life is good here for deer, with all the new green fresh grass to eat.

Below is a photo of two deer on Penny Island.


I was off the water around 3:30 pm.While putting my boat on my car, two ladies approached me with lots of questions about kayaking, seems they watched me come across the river and land and thought I’d be a good guy to question on the subject of kayaking. Seems the two ladies lived down there and were interested in kayaking, so I gave them an ear full. :O) I think they just bought a house down there and hadn’t been kayaking yet, but watching me made them want to get kayaking. A good idea for someone living down there. :O)

Had another great day kayaking Jenner, CA. today.

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