Forest Ride, Work and Play and Crab

Saturday November 4, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Up in the forest

Marty came by so we sat around and shot the bull for awhile, then we rode up into the forest with a chainsaw and some chairs.

We stopped on the way up and left the chainsaw on the trail to use it on the way back.

We continued on up to the hill top with the chairs.hilltop


This was the sky view when we arrived but it soon changed.sky2



Fog was creeping over the hills from the ocean after a short time up there.fog3


We rested up and I made a couple of flats in the hill so we could sit in the chairs.spot4


The sky had changed to this just before we left to continue our ride.clouds5


Trail work

This part of the trail was a little tipsy, so I did a little trail work and smoothed it out a bit.marty6



We stopped here at this spring for a drink of water.spring7


A bit of work

Here’s where I left the chainsaw on the way up the hill earlier. I wanted to clear out these small trees as a trail would be going through here soon, so we cut them down and cleared them out.saw8


The new part of the trail will go right through those big ferns. I’ll have to transplant some of them.cleared9


We had a good ride up into the hills and got a few things done. Marty took off for home and I went in for a nap.


My brother Tom had been out crabbing today as the season had opened today, so I got one of them. Yummy for dinner.crab


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    A good thing to have generous brothers. You ate well. And had a coworker on the trail.

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