Buying Toys Which Are Also Tools

Thursday February 1, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It started to rain a bit when I woke up today, and then it really let loose for about ten minutes, a cats and dogs affair.

Shopping and buying

By the time i got it going, the rains had slowed down a little, but keep at it most of day.

Toys, Tools

I got my checkbook and headed to the shopping area to do some buying. I wasn’t sure which model to buy, so I looked at the two I had in mind more carefully and finally decided on this one, a Honda 700 deluxe model.honda1

I purchased this green one, but have to wait about a week for some accessories to come in before I pick it up, like a roof and a windshield.  Anyway, I got it all paid for. Had to write four checks before I got all the wording right on writing out the numbers part. I’m not use to writing big numbers like


I had one more purchase to make, so I headed to a hardware store to purchase that one. It was way more than I thought it would be. A Milwaukie battery powered sawzsall. At least I got ten percent off with my Vets discount. I want this unit to cut roots and stumps on the trails I’ve been working on. Using a chainsaw to do this just dulls out the chain rather fast when you hit a rock or dirt. This unit has carbide blades that shouldn’t do that.

That pretty much took up the whole day. I  headed for home.

Once home I checked with Tom to see about hauling it home next week as he has a nice trailer for the purpose.


All the warm rains we’ve been having didn’t seem to bother the daffodils much. They’ve been blooming more and more each day. I have quite a few of them along the driveway into my place.daffs3

These were the first ones to start blooming this year.daffs4

They all sure say Spring is here.daffs5

Nice day.

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