Rained Most of the Day, But I Did Get Some Puttering Done

Monday January 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Looks like rain

When I got it going today, I went outside and it was a bit on the dark side and it looked and felt like it might rain. I’d planned to go work on a trail up in the woods,…But.

Shortly, it started to rain real lightly, so I decided to postpone my trip up into the forest and see what the rain was going to do. Maybe it was only a light shower.

Car repair

I walked past the car and remembered I had a problem with the driver’s side head light not working well the other day. It was on, but real dim. I had that problem before and fixed it by reseating the headlight socket.

When I turned the car on to check the headlights and fix them, they both came on. I took the headlight socket apart and put it back together, just in case.car1



It started to sprinkle lightly so the chickens hang out here.  That usually means they want into the front yard, so I opened the gate and let them into the front yard.chickens2


But shorty the rain increase to heavy and all the chickens took cover, including me.yard3


A chicken taking cover from the rain.rain4


That rain stayed most of the day, until about an hour before dark when it stopped.

I spent the day inside doing some chores and watching an old movie I had pirated a long time ago and found on my drive when I was looking through some old pictures. I think I’ve watched Star Dust more than any other movie through the years. I guess you might say, it’s one of my favorite ones.


Anyway, when the rain quit, the chickens went back out in the front yard. They are eating pineapple guavas. They are supposed to get a little larger than an egg when they ripen but this year, most of them never got that size and had no fruit inside. I think the answer for next year is to prune the bush severely so there just are not so many of them and maybe they will size.qiats5


There are lots of them, but all too small. Fortunately the chickens like them to eat.quatfruit6


I was puttering around the yard,  not doing any chair hopping as they were all still too wet.

Bait station

I was in the chicken’s pen when I decided to turn the dirt over where I had some rodent bait as I think they marked the area some how as they don’t go in here anymore, but I’ve seen some go by on the outside, but not go in.pen7


I found a shovel and turned the dirt over and hauled that little half a bucket to my other bait station where I had a use for it.dirt8


I also noticed this pink rose was budding out, for some reason.rosebuds9


And these daffodils have poked through the soil. Spring is coming.daffs10


I brought the half bucket over to the avocado bait station to put the bait container on top, to put it higher in the air to help keep it dryer from the rains.baitrig11


I’ve found these little pellets work much better than the blocks. They gobble this up, but won’t touch the green blocks.bait12


Here’s the bait station all closed up and ready for action.station13



Not yet, they have to come out and put the phone lines back up that the big redwood limb took down a few days ago, so it’s off to my neighbor’s place to post this blog.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Hope your internet is restored soon!
    Spring!! Yay!

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