More Yard Work and a Bit of Rain

Monday, June 24, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Cloudy today and rain expected

Clouds in the sky when I got up this morning. Seemed like it might be a good day to just hang around the house. Rain showers were expected at any time and it was a bit on the cool side.

I went outside and sat down until something popped up for me to do. The small chain saw needed sharpening and so I did that, which meant I could now cut up the rest of the tree limbs I started on the other day.

Of course, once I cut those up, I needed to haul the wood into the wood shed with the wheel barrel. It started to shower lightly during the afternoon, so I had to take it easy a bit while I waited for a break in it.

While I was taking a break I looked over and saw an old lawn mower sitting there with just the right size back wheels I need on my current mower. The current mowers wheels have most of the rubber worn off, so when you push it, the mower goes bumpity bump as it moves. These where big wheels about sixteen inches in diameter, which are good for mowing around the rough stuff, which I have a lot of.

I found a couple wrenches in my tool box and took the old wheels off and put them on the mower I use now. Of course, they didn’t quite fit right without adding a couple of flat washers on each side.

When the rain stopped for a bit, I moved more wood to the wood shed and that was about it for the day. So far this rain has been mostly a showery drizzle, very pleasant out there.

All this sitting around got me to thinking maybe I should finish packing my van and head up to Mendocino for a few days and kayak the rivers up there and maybe do some exploring too. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so if I get the van packed up and ready to go, I might just take off, maybe Wednesday?

Nice day.

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