Rainy Day and Doing the Income Taxes

Sunday March 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Tax day

I started working on doing my taxes last night and worked on them until I got stuck on an item before going to bed late.

Getting that lost hour back

With the daylight saving change I wasn’t ready to get up until I recovered my lost hour so it was late getting it  going today.

Rained all day

When I did get it going it had started to rain and rained all day until evening.

It was raining when I went out to care for the chickens and let them out.rain


Wet chickens

It was raining hard enough that even the chickens were trying to stay out of the rain.birds


Some of my daffodils are still holding up but it won’t be long before they’ve had it until next year.daffs


Back to the taxes

So with all the rain the best thing I could do was go back in and work on getting my taxes done which meant working through the problems that were holding me up.

That took up most of the day but I did get them done, right, I hope. Most of the online stuff was easy but then I had to enter the partnership stuff on the family property and that really complicated things. I think next year I will just pay the price and get someone that knows how to do them.

Shut in the chickens

So just before dark I went outside for a bit as the rain had stopped. All the chickens were on their roost early so I shut them in for the night and went back in the house.

That was my day. I hate doing taxes much  more than paying for them.

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One Response to Rainy Day and Doing the Income Taxes

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    I hate doing my taxes because I don’t usually have to pay – so why do I
    have to bother? They don’t use the money right anyway.
    Your wet chickens got me wondering if chickens get colds/sick.
    Do chickens sneeze? :o) Have a nice day, Bob.

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