Rainy Day and We Prep the Electric Power Pole

Tuesday January 16, 2024 Guerneville CA.


It was supposed to start raining sometime today, but it hadn’t started yet.

Electrical pole rotten

We’d heard this electrical pole at our rental was rotten and starting to fall over.pole1

We needed to get it replaced soon

I went over to have a look and to start to take some stuff off the pole to prep for the replacement as it wasn’t planned to replace it today as we needed to make an appointment with the power company to disconnect the power lines while we replace the pole.boxesoff2

We just wanted to prep for it to see what and how we’d replace the pole.

A bit later, Tom came by with his tractor and this rig to get up by the pole without a ladder, as a ladder might knock over the rotten pole.tractor3

Tom had picked up a new pole yesterday at the store and it was laying on the ground.

We made plans to do the replacement on Thursday.

Just as we were finishing up on that, the rain started so I went on home and into the house to stay warm and dry.

Peach tree transplant

When the rain slowed down to a drizzle for a bit, I went out to dig up this peach tree that grew up from a seed on it’s own. It was small and in the wrong place, so it needed to be dug up and put in a better spot. I dug it up.tree4

I dug a hole here and planted the tree and put some woodchips on it. And now I needed to protect it from the chickens scratching around it and digging it up.planted5


The rain started to pick up so I found some wire and brought it into the garage to cut it up to use on the new tree. It’s green and hard to see. That should keep the chickens out. I had to install it with my umbrella to keep from getting too wet.wire6

More rain

The rain picked up so I went back in the house and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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