Replacing the Power Pole and Spring Is On the Way

Thursday January 25, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Replacing power pole

Today, Tom and I were going to replace our rental’s power pole that was rotten.

Tom had contacted the power company to disconnect the power lines and we had to dig up and take out the rotten pole.

Tome and the power guy had started the job before I got it going and when I went on over there, they had the job started and part of the old power pole cut off. Now we had to dig up the lower part of the rotten power pole and get it out of the ground so we could put the new pole that is laying on the ground into the hole.digging

Darn roots

The dirt was soft and easy to dig but the redwood tree roots really slowed us down. We dug almost down to the bottom of the old rotten pole before we could pull it out with his tractor. Fortunately, the rotten pole came out without breaking it off which made things much easer.tom

The power guy came back early on and helped out a lot doing some of our work voluntarily which helped make the job much easier. He was on emergency standby in our area so was available as long as there weren’t any emergencies like someone crashing their car into one of their poles. The power company was only responsible for unhooking their wires at the top of the pole and re-hooking them up once we had the new pole in the ground and our hardware hooked back up.

His extra help all made the job relatively easy except for cutting the redwood roots out of the way which is hard to do in a deep hole.

Tom’s directing the power guy to get the pole up straight so we could set it.pole

When we were almost done, Tom realized  he’d talked with this guy before at the ocean as they both do a lot of ocean fishing so at the end they had a good fishing bull session as fishermen do. :O)

It was good to get that job crossed off the list.

I picked up our tools and went on  home.

While chair hopping around my yard, I noticed these daffodil plants were almost ready to bloom. Our last rains had been warm ones and really pushed up spring.plants

I noticed the California Dutchman’s Pipes were blooming.pipes


And some wild plums were blooming. How did spring sneak up on me?blossums

The chickens were enjoying the day grazing in the yard.chickens

Sure sign of spring

That daffodil blooming is a sure sign that Spring is on the way.dills

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Spring snuck up because you were playing with your new equipment and are about to buy another one! Also, it was raining.

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