Rats and Squirrels and Work In the Yard

Tuesday December 6, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rat controls

I checked the game cam this morning to see how I was doing with the rat control project. I think I’m gaining on them, as there were only two of them that came around last night. And I haven’t heard any rats in my attic lately.rat



Now on the other hand the squirrels are still eating my avocados as you can see this little guy has one of them. The squirrels don’t seem to eat any of the rat bait. This is a little red squirrel that usually eats the acorns around here. I can see where the avocados might just be a big sweet acorn to them. Yummy.squirrel


Avocado tree

And I have no hope of keeping the squirrels out of the avocado tree. The big tree on the left is a pepperwood tree that over hangs the avocado tree on the right that is about 60 feet tall. The squirrels can easily jump from  the higher tree on the left into the lower avocado tree on the right so anything I do to keep them out, won’t work.trees7



Once I got it going today, around noon, I needed to  have a look at a couple of things on my old car. Notice everything I have is older, like me. :O)

Heater blower fan fails

I’ve been having this intermittent problem with my heater fan blower not working and I have traced the problem to this connecter, at the blue wire. I pull the connector off and put it back on and it’s good for awhile and then it goes bad again. I did that and the blower worked. The next time it does that I need to look into the problem closer as there must be something else I’m not seeing causing the problem.connector1


Rusty stuff

And the other thing I needed to do was put some more grease on the rusty parts of the car to keep the rain water out and stop it from rusting any more.

Hauling the kayak up on the car’s rooftop has caused the rust problem so the only solution was to put the grease on it. If I just got another car, it would start to rust that one, so since the car mostly is mechanically sound, I just put the grease on it. I’m more into go, than into show.

Here’s one of the rusty spots on the car that I applied new grease to the cracks in the  old grease. Now it can rain all it wants on it.rust2


Actually, I’ve been thinking of another car, but am not sure just exactly what I want, so this will do for now.

Moving cement blocks

Another task I had to do was move these cement blocks out of here to a place they would be more useful.cemt3


Some of them were buried in the sand so I needed to use the steel digging bar a bit. I only had to move them a short distance.sand4


Blackberry vines

And the last thing I accomplished today was to trim these wild blackberry vines back so they don’t impede the water flow and cause the banks to wash out during high water.vines5


I clipped away and got stabbed a couple of times by the berries thorns which hurt pretty good.

I cut all the vines which pretty much tired me out for the day.trimmed6


Enjoying the day

I picked up my tools and found me a chair to sit in to enjoy the rest of the day. The sun is just going down behind the hills to the west. It rained last night but reframed from doing so during the day.sky8


The chicken’ always come around when I’m sitting. They are eating the pepperwood acorns that my brother ran over with his golf cart this morning.chickens9


Nice day.

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3 Responses to Rats and Squirrels and Work In the Yard

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I hope the squirrels are sharing.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Funny the squirrels eat the avocados. Can you just cover the tree with a big net? Something like they do with grapes to keep the birds out?

  3. Deb says:

    We are all getting older, I don’t I know anyone getting younger, acting younger, maybe but actually GETTING younger, no.
    It’s interesting the squirrels won’t touch the bait. Netting on things makes birds and animals afraid of getting tangled and they tend to leave them alone. Years ago we laid it around the outside of our garden (about 18 inches wide) the racoons, squirrels and skunks, not to mention the neighbour’s dog all stayed away.

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