Game Cam Rats and Squirrels and A Drizzly Day

Saturday December 3, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Game cam


I’ve been putting the game cam out each night at the bottom of the avocado tree to watch the action. These three rats and maybe some others sampled the bait during most of the night. I also have a few oat seeds out to entice them. I’m hoping to not see them again tonight. We’ll see.rats



This morning at day break two gray squirrels showed up and weren’t interested in the bait, but they were interested in going up the avocado tree. This one is just hopping over the bait area and headed for the base of the tree. It looks like I’m not going to get many more avocados this year.squirrel


Drizzling day

It drizzled light all day long so it was mostly an inside the house type of


I let the chickens out but most of them stayed home at their roost where it was nice and dry. These two adventurous ones made their way out and into the yard.driveway


I did get out long enough to burn some of the fallen branches off some


The fire didn’t seem to bother these two guys.birds


These guys stayed home on the roost most of the day.roost


Nice day. The rains always bring the temperature up to at least fifty degrees  F., especially the nights.

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