Ray and I Paddle the Closed River Estuary, More Woodchips and a Chirpy Van Noise

Wednesday July 24, 2019 Jenner CA.

Ray and I paddle Jenner

I saw Ray’s truck parked when I pulled into Jenner this morning just before 11. I knew he was out in his kayak in the fog somewhere.

Where’s Ray

I put my boat in the water and started paddling across the river with the fog waffling around. I thought I could see Ray over by the island in the fog.riverfog


As I got closer I could make him out there by the island in his yellow yak.ray


River’s mouth is closed

We sat and chatted for a bit then paddled down along Penny Island along here. We planned to paddle onto the flooded Penny island from the lower end. It appeared the river’s mouth was closed as the water was high which meant the lower end of the island was flooded so we could paddle onto the island.paddle


Eagle maybe

We could see a bunch of birds up ahead on some wood stuff in the water. We weren’t sure what the top bird was. It looked somewhat like an eagle.bird


Paddled into the island

Here’s where we paddled onto the island through this grassy swamp stuff.island


We had to paddle through this egret. It flew away with a squawk.egret


Trip planning

We stopped here about  halfway in a chatted some more about our upcoming trip in a week or so.resting


After a bit we paddled on into the island some more. Eventually the grasses got too thick and we turned and paddled back out.islandwater


On the way we went by this great blue heron resting by the big redwood stump.heron


Back out on the river

We exited the island here back into the river.river


Fish eagle

The fog had cleared a little so we could see the birds much better and could identify that bird on top. It was an eagle alright.roost


It was an osprey sometimes called a fish eagle.ospsrey


Up the back channel

I asked Ray if he wanted to paddle down to the closed river mouth but no, he wanted to paddle up the island’s back channel along here going up the river.channel


We paddled up the river taking our time for about a half mile then turned and headed back towards the boat ramp down there a bitjenner


Nice resting spot

Ray headed to the boat ramp to pull out and I paddled over to this spot on the upper end of Penny Island where I sat in my boat for awhile enjoying the nice day.spot


Data collectors

I saw these biologist types go by. They were headed up river to collect some data.bios


And this grebe swam by me as I was sitting there.grebe


Eventually I crossed over to the boat ramp and pulled my boat out  for the day and went on home.ramp


Great more woodchips

When I drove into my driveway I noticed that the woodchip trucks had been there and dumped a couple more loads of woodchips while I was gone which is good as I want to put lots more woodchips on the raspberry patch this winter.

Chirpy rattle in the van

I rested up then puttered around the yard doing mostly nothing. I did crawl under my van looking for a chirpy rattle I’ve been hearing lately that’s starting to drive me crazy. I think I may have found the source of that rattle but not sure. I’ll work on that some more and see if I can do something to prevent it.

That was it for me today for another real nice one.

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