Ray Says it’s Going to be Windy, So We Paddle Down From Monte Rio to Rein’s Beach and Back

Tuesday April 14, 2015 Monte Rio CA.

Monte Rio paddle

I got an email from Ray this morning saying it was going to be windy today, so lets go kayak at Monte Rio. I said I’d meet him down there which I did.

I arrived at the boat ramp first so I launched my boat and paddled around in front of the ramp until he arrived shortly.

This pair of wood ducks swim by as I waited for Ray to arrive. I didn’t see any little ones, but it’s that time of year.ducks


We decide to paddle down the river

Ray arrived and we decided to head on down the river a ways and this was our view just below Monte Rio.russianriver



I spied a couple turtles along the edge sitting on logs.turtle


Here’s the other turtle which was close by the first one.turtle2


Big dog

As we paddled along I noticed this big brown thing in the water at Villa Grande which I knew to be Andrew’s big dog. As we got closer this is what it looked like.bigdog

The dog was walking around in the water looking under the water for something. Andrew says he showed the dog a big fish when it was a puppy and has been looking for another one since.

We shot the bull with Andrew for awhile and then headed on down the river. Oh, what’s Andrew looking at? He’s looking at the osprey nest up in a tree across the river with an osprey squawking in it. No photo’s of that. Oh and that big orange ball means the biologists are putting their water measuring devices out for the year.

We continued down the river and stopped for a break at this spot.river


Moscow Pool

After a good break we arrived at this spot known as Moscow pool.moscowhole


We went by this great blue heron fishing along the shoreline.heron


We rounded the corner at Moscow Pool and this is as far as we went which is Rein’s beach.reins



An osprey squealed and landed in this tree above us. It has a nest nearby.osprey2


Wood Duck family

Something caught my eye in the brush. I could see this pair of wood ducks going by us and to the right of them, their little ones were escaping into the trees and going the other way on land.woodducks


We hung around the Moscow pool for a bit then started our paddle back up the river. This was our view just up form the Moscow pool.river2


Fat mallard

I passed by this male mallard duck feeding in the weeds along the shore.mallard


Here’s Ray and I paddling along just below the town of Monte Rio, almost back to the boat ramp, another quarter mile.monterio


We took our boats out of the water and went on home.

I got something to eat and had a nap then went out into the yard do some planning to get water over to my brother’s from the new well. And the rest of the day I spent doing mostly nothing except enjoying the evening in the yard.

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