Mucking the Main Pen Roost and Putting Up Wind Guards

Friday November 29, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Warming in the sun

Once I got it going today I went outside where it was a bit chilly out. I sat in the sun until I warmed up a bit.

Mucking out the main pen

After taking care of the chickens needs I got the wheelbarrow out and a shovel and got things into place to muck out the main chicken roost.

I set up here in the pen to shovel this stuff out under the roost. Poo  mostly in woodchips.pen


I filled up the wheelbarrow and hauled it to the mulch pile area and dumped it.

Loaded and ready to haul out

Here I just got the wheelbarrow loaded with muck.dumpper


Pepper wood leaves

After dumping the wheelbarrow I loaded it up with pepper wood leaves from the front driveway which needs cleaning up anyway.leaves


I put a good helping of the leaves under the roost and the rest I scattered around the pen.leafdump


Finished pen

The bright colored leaves sure change the way the pen looks.pendone


After that I did a lot of chair hopping and puttering around in the yard.

Wind breakers for the younger birds roost

I also got both plastic panels up in the younger birds roost so they will be a bit warmer this winter and maybe stay a bit dryer in a rain storm.windbreak


New gate

I had to rob one of the plastic panels I was using as a gate in another spot so I cut some wire out for the gate and took the panel and installed it and the new wire gate got put in place too.gate


That was my day pretty much . Nice day puttering around in the yard.

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