Chickens Keep Me Busy Puttering in the Yard and Rodents

Friday September 27, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Some shopping tired me out

Yesterday I went shopping at Home depot and Costco. When I got home I barely got stuff put away when I just got tuckered out and just needed a nap and that was it for that day.

Todays puttering’s

Today I had stuff to work on. I wanted to add a roost to the little holding pen I just put together the other day.

I needed to measure and cut some redwood logs to length for the project so I got the saw out and measured and cut.postcut



As long as I had the chain saw out I went over to the driveway and cut up this big redwood limb that fell out of a close by tree. It’s always good to add a bit of firewood.wood


roost is up

After cutting up that limb I got back to work on the roost after getting some more tools out.

Here’s the roost, just a small one for several chickens at a time.roost


Added a pulley

As long as I was working in the chicken pen I got some steel wire out and put up the second pulley on the door to the rat proof feeder door opener. This keeps the door from banging into the paint can when it opens.pulley


I also replaced the wood shavings in the lower chickens egg laying nests and added some diatomaceous earth to them for the chickens. It helps keep any bugs down.nests


Bulk head work

After a break I got to work on the bulk head project, cutting stuff and moving stuff around. I worked on that most of the afternoon and made some progress. Lots of work left to do on that.

Cementing the gate post

While shopping I picked up some cement to put in the gate hole to stabilize the post so the gate doesn’t drag when opening it.

I dug the rocks out of the hole to make room for the cement.gate


I mixed up some cement and put it in the hole than I measured the post to make sure it was plumb,……… up straight.postin


By than it was almost dark so I sat in a chair by the gate and watched it get dark, a nice easy job eh. :O)

Rodents highway

I also watched as about ten mice and 6 rats crossed over from the garage to the chicken coup area on the wire that goes above the gate I just worked on. They seem not to just be going to the chicken coup but to the rest of the yard in that direction. I’ll have to block that wire to get them back on the ground where the cat at least has a chance to get them.

Nice day puttering around in the yard.

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  1. Hi Bob – I’d like to use one of your otter photos to illustrate a Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation event about otters in Sonoma West Times & News. May I have your permission to do so? –Laura Hagar Rush, editor, Sonoma West Times & News, laura@sonomawest.comor my cellphone 707-322-8696

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    You certainly did more than have that sleep! Busy enough day and smaller projects got taken care of.

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