Repairs and Critter Pictures

Friday August 4, 2023 Guerneville CA.


I’ve been meaning to repair this leaky soaker hose for some time now, so I got the parts out and got it done.hosefix


Bench repair

Then I marked and cut out the boards I’ll need to replace the bad ones on this little beach for my van. I didn’t get around to screwing it all back together today. It’s a puttering type job, just do a little at a time until it gets done.boards


Town to shop

I drove down to town to do some shopping. The place was real crowded. Seems there is something going on, Bears or something week. It took some time to get to the food store, so being a local, I knew how to get back home and stay out of the mess by going a certain way which I did with no delays.

Up into the forest

After a nap, I rode the dirt bike up into the forest to collect the cam cards an do a little work on brushing roads.

I stopped here at the first spring to collect the cam card.spring


That cam got this little mouse.mouse


It’s a good thing that little mouse left before this thing showed up. These game cams don’t seem to be getting real clear pictures for some reason, maybe there’s an adjustment to improve them. I’ll have to remember to have a look and see.owl





This owl certainly had a good bath.bath


Looking at the time on the cam, this owl was bathing here for about ten minutes before it flew off.owl3


From there, I made my way up to the other spring with a cam, going by here where I stopped to trim that brush behind the bike.brush


It wasn’t far from there to the other spring with the cam. There wasn’t anything on that cam card.

I headed towards home from there and stopped on this trail to trim brush, especially the stuff that would hit me in the face.trail


Water tanks

I looked across to the tanks to see the water level on the gauge on the side of the tanks. The pink ribbons are easy to see from this distance.tanks


Cup of water

I needed a drink of water so I stopped at this spring for a cup. Good stuff.springwater


The bikes front disk brake has been making some noise so I had this jack stand I wanted to try out and checked the brake pads which seemed to be ok and so was the jack stand. I’ll need that jack stand when I put new tires on the bike.stand


Nice day.

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