Retrieved My Hat, Checked the Old Car and Ate Some Blackberries

Monday May 18, 2015 Jenner CA.

Winds down

The wind was down as I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning around eleven AM.

I paddled across the river to Penny Island and up the side where I ran into these two geese which started honking as I approached.geese


And just past those two I went by this pair of mallard ducks and some more geese.birds


Honking and splashing

Like I said, the wind was down, so I paddled along taking my time and enjoying the day. I could hear a bunch of honking and could see a bunch of splashing by Paddy’s rock, so I went over to investigate.

As I neared Paddy’s rock, I could see a bunch of geese having some kind of spat. Chick to enlarge the photo and see what’s going on.gooses


Sitting at Muskrat

From there, I crossed back over the river to Muskrat Nest beach which is here.muskratbeach


I sat around in my boat in this spot for a good while just taking it easy and watching things. Here’s my view looking back down to the town of Jenner.jenner


Going to get my hat

Eventually, I headed back down the river. I had decided to get my hat which I had left at Swamp rock a few days ago. I paddled along here headed to the Swamp Rock Trailhead.logs


Swamp Rock

Another reason to get my hat at swamp rock was to eat a few more blackberries. I pulled my boat into shore and headed for swamp rock which is over on that hill near the center, across the swamp. Most of the water in the swamp has finally dried up, so I didn’t have to work my way around and could just go straight to the rock through the swamp.swamprock


My hat and sitting at the rock

I could see my hat up on the side of the rock, just where I left it, so went up and got it and sat up there for a half hour or so. See the hat?hat


This was my view of the town of Jenner from Swamp Rock.jenner3


Checking out the old car

As I left swamp rock I decided to go over and check out the old car parts we discovered the other day and have a better look. I was wondering if there was an old car that rusted out there or was there just some car parts laying on the ground there?

Here’s what’s left of the engine looking at it from the transmission side, which I think has rusted and gone mostly. There is a steering box in back of that, so you’d be looking from the back to the front of the


And this is the right front wheel or what’s left of it. The brake drum has almost completely rusted away and you can see a brake shoe there. In relation to the transmission, this right wheel is in the right place for a complete old car to be under the dirt in this spot. When I say complete, I mean what’s left of one after most of it has rusted away.rightwheel


I think this part is a bumper thingy

I dug out this car part a little more. It’s in the wrong place to be part of that car, maybe. I think this part might be a bumper thingy on a bumper, but I’m not sure? It’s close to the buried car, so still might be part of it.carpart


Eating blackberries

One of the reasons I decided to get my forgotten hat was to get some more blackberries. More of them are starting to ripen, so I found a few and ate them. More berries will come as the season progresses.berries


The wind came up while I was at Swamp rock

As I as getting back to my boat, I could see the wind had come up to about ten miles an hour. Not too bad, but windy none the less.

I was beat when I got back to my boat, so I sat down in this spot and rested for about an hour. This was my view from this spot.kayak


After I was rested I put my boat back in the water and headed to the Jenner boat ramp and took my boat out of the water and went on home for the day.

I had plans to do some yard work, but for some reason I was real tired out today, so I just took it easy for the rest of the day and that was my day.

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