Rhubarb Fence and a Carrot Patch Fence Installed

Friday October 18, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Fencing day

I saw where I left the gate open to the new potato patch and the chickens were in there so I worked on getting the rhubarb protection set up. I found my fence post driver and a fence post and drove one in for the corner of the fence I’m putting around the rhubarb.

Here’s the fence post in and the fence up around the rhubarb plants.fence


Here’s what the chickens do to  my rhubarb plants and why I need the fence.rhubarb


A hen chicks out my work and another view of the new fenced in area.hen


After a good break and some chair hopping I worked on getting this fence up to finish the fencing around my brother’s carrot patch on the left. I have an avocado tree there by the new fence that for the first time has some fruit on it after about thirty years or so when I first planted it.carots


All that fencing was about all I had in me today. I did some more chair hopping in the evening but not much work. :O)

Nice day working away.

Now I need to get my home made noodles made and get them into a big pot of chicken and chicken broth for dinner tonight. Yummy.

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