Yard Work and Using Bamboo Poles for Fence Repair

Friday March 27, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Yard work

Cherry blossoms

I started the day off pollinating the cherry blossoms again with the pole duster. That should do it for the year. I hope it works out and I get more cherries.duster


Blackberry vines out

I also dug out some more blackberry vines in this area. They are small and just starting to grow for the year so now’s the time to dig them out.vinesouit


Bamboo for the fence repair

I hauled what bamboo I’d already trimmed up the other day to the creek fence I want to repair to keep the chickens in the yard.

Then I cut some more bamboo poles down and trimmed them up and piled them here ready to haul to the fence project.bamboo


Fence work area

I moved that pile of bamboo poles to  the work area by the fence.poles


This is the work area where I want to improve the fence to keep the chickens in the yard.fence


I weaved the poles down through the wire fence about every six inches or so like this and this is as far as I got today.polefence


Here’s a side view of what it looks like.fenceup


Grazing chickens

Late in the day a couple hours before dark I let these chickens out to graze. You can tell they are ready to get out there.chicks


They shoot out into the yard to graze.grazing


Watching for escapees

This time I watched the chickens as they approached the new fence I installed yesterday where they were getting out.

They can’t get out here.fencing


And they didn’t get out here so it seems to be keeping them in.fening2


Near dark the chickens all come in to their roost to roost for the night and I shut them in mostly for their own protection.

I chair hopped around the yard a bit as it got dark then I went in the house for the day.

Carrot pureed soup

Last night I pureed some carrots for soup. It was pretty good and didn’t really taste like eating carrots and made a nice soup base. I’ll have to try that again and experiment some more with it.

Another nice day in isolation puttering around the yard.

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