New Chicken Fence and Tom Says Make Carrot Soup

Thursday March 26, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Chicken fence day

I unrolled the wire fence I needed to cut to size for the new chicken fence I needed to install to keep them out of my brother’s place next door.wire


I got the wire cut to size and rolled it up to take it to the spot I needed to install it.cutwire


The sky was nice today with only a few drops in the late


New chicken fence

I got the new fence wired up to this pipe fence and hoped it would keep the chickens in. I’ll find out tonight when I let the chickens in here to graze.fence


One more spot to fence

I have one more place that needs a chicken fence and that is this spot off of my raspberry patch pen.nofence


This old fence through the ivy has big squares in the wire so I’ll have to put some bamboo in them like I did the other day. It should look nice when I do.ivy


I worked on cleaning up the brush around that spot to get it ready for action.

Testing the new chicken fence

A couple hours before dark I let the chickens into the new fence area but forgot to watch to see how things went as far as keeping the chickens in.

It worked for this chicken. It was dismayed it couldn’t get out.chicken


The new fence failed

But this one did get out and I didn’t see where so I’ll have to watch more closely tomorrow night to find out where and how this chicken is getting out.chickout


It wasn’t too long this chicken wanted back in but couldn’t find the way back so I had to help it out by opening the gate for it.

Tom says make carrot soup

My brother Tom said if I took about 5 pounds of his carrots and made a puree soup out of them using my chicken broth it’d be real good so I dug up some of his carrots. He has an over abundance of them right now and with this virus thing he’s not doing the market for awhile, it’s just not worth it.

The carrots I dug up from the carrot patch.carrots


I washed them off and cut them up for cooking in my instant pot with some chicken broth.carrot


Lazy carrot recipe

My lazy plan is to cook them in my instant pot with the chicken broth and use the hand emersion mixer to puree them for the soup.

I’m now waiting for them to cook so I’ll see how it all turns out soon.

Chickens will do their share

It’s a lot of work keeping the chickens in the yard but once I have it all done they will save me a lot of time taking care of all the weeds that grow in the yard and doing most of my yearly fire protection.

Nice day puttering around in the yard.

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One Response to New Chicken Fence and Tom Says Make Carrot Soup

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I remember back when you started talking about raising chickens. I see that it is a lot of work but what a great pasttime (& job) to keep you busy. All that time spend on chickies might have been chair hopping. I can tell you love it.
    The soup puree sounds good, can’t wait to read about the results. :)

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