Riding the Quad Runner Through the Redwood Forest

Sunday July 20, 2014 Guerneville CA.

And trying to start the bulldozer

I started out the day puttering around the yard with intentions of going down to the river later in the day to kayak.

I watered fruit trees and bamboo in the yard and did some repairs on some of the watering systems.

Change of plans, quad runner ride instead

I was getting ready to go down to kayak in the afternoon, when I changed my mind and decided to go for a ride on my quad runner and try to start the bulldozer before the battery goes dead on it.

I filled a container with diesel for the dozer and got a couple tools together just in case. All that got strapped to the front of the quad and I was off.

Checked out this spring

My first stop was one of the springs that should feed my brothers garden. I stopped here to see how the spring was doing.spring


The spring needed some digging out as it had caved in, so I dug it out, getting a bit muddy in the process. It looks like it will give only a little water, but some is better than none.

This is the spring after I dug it out, with the collecting pipe in it.spinghole


Riding through the forest

I left that area and moved on. Next I went by our water tanks, which can be seen up the road, but I didn’t go that way, I turned to the right at this spot.tanks


This is the way I went and started climbing the hill. It’s a very peaceful area.road1


Here I am cruising along through the redwood forest, heading for the bulldozer, up here somewhere, I wasn’t sure exactly where?bikeview


Will the bulldozer start up?

Eventually, I came to the bulldozer at this spot.tractors


I put the diesel I brought up into it’s fuel tank and checked the transmission oil level, which was low, but still on the stick.

Now, the big moment. Put the key in and turn it and it barely turns over. It’s not going to start with the low battery. I had brought a wrench, so I removed the battery and put it on the front of my quad runner to take down to the house to put a charge on it.

Continue on with the ride

As long as I was up here in the hills, I might as well cruise around a bit and check some stuff out, so I headed up the road a bit.road2


Stopped by a downed tree

I was blocked on this road by this downed tree, so I turned around and went another way. The bulldozer will take care of that tree when I get it started.treedown


I cruised on through these redwood trees, as I went along enjoying the ride.road3


Worked on another spring

I was headed to another one of my brothers springs, a real lush area. I worked on the springs here trying to remember where I put the pipes.

I was only partially successful in finding some of the pipes here. I will have to come back and do some more work finding the spring pipes. Amazing how things can over grow an area and hide things so fast. Too bad my memory isn’t as good as it used to be too, that would sure of helped.spring3


I did what I could for now at that spring. By now I was all muddy and a bit wet too, so I headed off towards home, but I still had a stop to make.

Headed on down the hill towards home.roadview


Stopped to pay my respects

I hadn’t planned to stop here, but as I was going to pass, I stopped to pay my respects to my Dad and my brother, Dick, whose remains are by this big redwood tree.redwoodtree


Plums on my mind

I was thinking I better check those plums in my brother garden, so off I went going through this area.road4


I stopped at my brothers garden and checked the Santa Rosa plums out. What do you think? I ate a couple of them. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. I put a couple in my pocket for later too.plums


His peaches where getting ripe, so I ate one of those too, but didn’t have a good way to pack any of them off.peachtree

I went on home from there and did some more watering and took it easy for the rest of the day. I seemed to have gotten tired out for some reason, so I did a bit of napping too.

Nice day.

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