Rigging the Old Trailer to Dry Fruit

Saturday July 25, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Had an idea

I’d used this old trailer a couple years ago to dry some prunes and it worked pretty good but it could use some improvements.trailer


I cut some of the weeds away from it so I could deal with it easier, especially getting the berry vines off it.trailer3


The trailer bed needs to be cleaned out a bit. The metal should help the fruit dry quicker as it gets pretty hot in the sun.bed


Washed out

I washed out the trailer with water which should be clean enough to dry fruit. I thought abut painting it, but nope, it’s ok as it is for this purpose as the fruit I’ll be drying on it will be whole and not cut.washedbed


More sun

Next I needed to move the trailer a bit to get it more out in the sun, but it was too heavy for me to move by hand so I got out my Toyota and hooked it to the trailer and maneuvered it around to where I thought it should go.moving



Then I got the floor jack out and jacked up the trailer and put some wooden blocks under it to hold it up as the tires are pretty shot and this will make it more stable.blocked


Trailer cover

I thought some kind of cover would be good to keep the birds and critters out of it as they like to eat the fruit. I  had some rebar and chicken wire so I cut some rebar and welded it up to make a frame the size of the trailer top.welding


Checking it out

I got the chicken wire attached to the steel frame just before dark and tried the cover out. It fit well and should work out ok. I may put some hinges on it to make it easier to use, if after using it a bit it seems like the way to go. So now it’s ready for some fruit.screen


I got the trailer done just before dark and sat around a bit chair hopping until it got dark.

And that was my day for a nice one.

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